When I wrote about giving up burdens last week I wasn’t thinking about pride. I guess I didn’t see it as a burden. That’s telling.

God has ways of reminding us of our need. Not long ago I was trying to navigate the narrow path through the ice wall created by the snowplows in front of our house. Suddenly I slipped and fell.

The busy traffic came to a halt. People came running to help but the only thing hurt was my pride.

Volumes can – and have – been written about pride. I’m not trying to go in depth here. I’m just thinking about when pride keeps us from asking for, or accepting, the help we need.

Last week our minister of music was playing “I Need Thee Every Hour.” The chorus goes: I need Thee, Oh I need Thee, Every hour I need Thee. Oh bless me now my savior, I come to Thee.

It was supposed to be an instrumental selection but I couldn’t help singing along softly. The song spoke deeply to something in my soul.

It’s good sometimes to be reminded of our neediness. We need each other, but abbove all we need God. No number of online mentors, self-help gurus, friends, family, or even church fellowship, can fill the place only God can.

Can we let go of our pride and acknowledge our need?

“I need Thee, Oh I need Thee…”

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