Meet Honey Bunch.

For 42 years she thrived contentedly in my sister’s home. Then she met Nina the cat.

I don’t know what the cat’s purpose was but it was nearly the end of Honey Bunch.

My sister rescued her, tended her lovingly, and brought her back to life. Here’s Honey Bunch a year later.

Sometimes in our lives things beyond our control hammer us and tear us apart. We may feel like it’s over, we can’t go on.

But there is One who can rescue us, care for us tenderly, and heal us. If we trust Him and place ourselves in His hands He can restore us to life. Even if we’re powerless, like Honey Bunch, God is all powerful. He can heal us and renew us.

Not long ago my front yard was a barren landscape of snow. Plants were brown. Everything looked dead.

Now I see green stems in the bushes and daffodils and irises emerging from the ground. The cycle of life continues. After the harshness and stress of winter, the world is reborn.

Life returns.

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