Dear Mr. Trump,

I have something very important to tell you, and I hope you hear it, really REALLY hear it.

God loves you.

You may have heard that before but my guess is not often enough.  Most of us don’t hear it often enough.  Have you listened?  Have you ever felt the boundless truth of that statement deep in your soul?

When you really truly know God loves you you don’t need power and fame.

When you truly know that God loves you you don’t need MAGA hat wearing followers.

When you earnestly know that God loves you you are free from the pressures of living up to the image you’ve created.

Move on.  You’ve done your time as president.  As a past president you have so much to offer the world and more freedom than a sitting president.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan.  I have found it hard to pray for you in the past, but now I promise to do so.  I will pray that you know the depth and the breadth of God’s love for you.

I will pray that you use your considerable influence to create healing rather than conflict and peace instead of violence.

I will pray that we all can work together to create a “new normal” of respect, tolerance, and, of course, love.

Yes, Donald J. Trump, God loves you.

He loves the rest of us too.  Please take that to heart and remember it.

When you know God loves you can move on from the past and create a better future.

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